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Ralistic Animal Portrait I LA GUACAMAYA

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WE TELL YOU WHAT THE COURSE IS ABOUT! This course has 35 lessons and more than 11 hours of video specifically designed so that you can learn the different airbrush techniques and other tools, we will discover in depth the composition of an image, you will learn color theory and how to obtain accurate colors, we will also analyze its different approaches, textures, colors and other characteristic elements which will allow us to achieve excellent results in our realistic animal portraits. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? Composition. realistic perspective Precision in the elaboration of our work. Principles of color theory. Masking, management of mobile and fixed masks. Work of freehand techniques, stencil and textures. WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO ACHIEVE! Basic command of the airbrush. Theoretical-practical domain of color theory. Master the decomposition of the image based on shapes and colors. Creating textures from subtraction and addition Identify different definitions of an image and how to paint them. Difference between transparent and opaque colors. Exact search of the color and its mixtures. Use different tools that will allow you to have results with a high level of realism much faster. Availability in Spanish, we are currently working on translating this course into English and it will be available very soon!





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Este curso es para uso personal e intransferible, no se puede copiar compartir o difundir por ninguna plataforma, como tampoco usarlo para enseñar sin el permiso por escrito de Rafa Fonseca, el incumplimiento de esto dará por finalizada esta y cualquier otra suscripción a los talleres en Rafa Airbrush School.

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